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Best natural sleep remedies — everything you need to know

If you are like me — you are pretty skeptic about the entire magical the-only-right-way-to-cure-insomnia pill. Why should we rely on some synthetic chemical to boost our natural body function — sleeping?

Instead of mindlessly stuffing ourselves with random pills, we should try to look in the direction of natural remedies to help us sleep. Turns out there are lots of research on the topic of all natural sleep aid, so I’ve wanted to share with you the remedies and advices that made sense to me!

“What is the best natural sleep aid?” — you might ask. Spoiler alert: there is no clear winner as far as my research went. There are a number of ways how to treat insomnia naturally without medication.

Since we are all individual human beings — some approaches would work best specially for you. You just have to find out which ones by trying. And my goal here is to make that research as easy as possible for you!

Let our body take care of itself (with a little help)

Will you believe someone that says: you don’t need to take any stuff to help yourself fall asleep? I sure wasn’t until I’ve learned these cool 100% natural remedies for insomnia:


Meditating girl

Yes you’ve heard a lot about how meditation could solve all our problems. But I bet some of you didn’t really tried to make it work. I understand you! There are tons of info on medtiation methods and it’s hard to pick the one that is suitable for you. And especially the one that would turn out to work as a natural nighttime sleep aid.

It’s a hassle to try every single one of them. If only someone would deliberately tried them and told what works for making our sleep better… You’re in luck because that person is yours truly! I’ve been dabbling with meditation for a year or so, but for the last 6 months I was really systematic about it.

During my observation I’ve found out that there is a certain way of meditation specifically to make our sleep better. And it’s 100% natural (duh!). However this topic is so large and exciting that it deserves it’s own post! So stay tuned, I’ll try to share that ASAP!

Update: I’ve finished the Deep sleep meditation post. Be sure to check it out!

Sleep schedule and the before-sleeping ritual

Alarm clock

I know its easy to be sort-of tunnel visioned about our sleeping habits and patterns. But there’s a pretty straightforward and natural way to help insomnia. And that is first of all being a disciplined human and fall asleep and wake up consistently at the same time. Yes, you should really think about your schedule to find out what waking up time and what going to sleep time would work for you. Yes, even on weekends you should stick to it.

Trust me its 100% worth the effort. No more being sick and angry with your alarm clock — you might not need it in the long run! Your body will become accustomed to your sleep schedule and adjust its biological clock to help you wake up refreshened and falling asleep without effort.

And here’s another small natural sleep inducer: if it’s 30 mins before bedtime — put away your phone (laptop/tablet/whatever) screen that you are looking at all day long! This advice is legit science! Our screens produce the kind of light that prevents our bodies from making the natural chemicals that relaxes us before going to sleep. That’s way its 100% hard to fall asleep just as you put away your phone! Actually its one of the easiest and most proven advice there is — so try it please!


That’s right! Mother nature’s a sweetheart and she provided us with (which I think as) the best natural sleep aid! I’m talking about — you’ve guessed it — herbal sleep aid!

Valerian root for sleep


Lets begin with the king of sleep herbs — valerian root. A plant native for Europe and Asia — valerian root doesn’t have any side effects in terms of sleeping! On the contrary — it’s main effect (highly beneficial) is inhibiting our brain stress receptors, which naturally helps us sleep!

I won’t go into deep deep sciency stuff — if you are interested there are lots of research regarding this herbal sleep remedy that you may get yourself familiar with. I just wan’t to say that valerian sleep aid is real and it works for me (but keep in mind that it may take several weeks for it to accumulate in your body — so you would actually notice its positive influence for your sleep)

Lavender sleep aid


I want to mention a herb that most of the people don’t think of as a natural sleep inducer — Lavander. Sleep researches conducted a special study which was aimed at learning more about lavender influence on our sleep cycles. Turns out that subjects which were exposed to any form of lavender 3 hours prior to bedtime reported that they fall asleep much easier than before! I can’t remember which exact part of Lavander helps — but that didn’t stop me from trying this natural herbal sleep aid! And I’m already feeling that it works!

I’ve just started getting in the world of herbal sleep remedies and I’m so excited! I also may try some herbal-based supplements there are on the market today (of course they should be backed up by research). If I do, I’ll be sure to share my experience with you guys in this Sleep Remedies blog.


Melatonin filled grapes — one of the tastiest and best natural sleep remedies

What is melatonin? Well, it’s a natural hormone that our body very conviniently produces. It’s main purpose is to regulate our sleep process and the way we wake up.

Besides our own body melatonin occurs in plants like bananas, grapes, rice and many others. There are also a number of natural supplements containing melatonin — but we have to pick carefully and make sure that manufacturer follows the best standards in it’s production processes!

There is actually a lot of research and evidence that melatonin positively affects our sleep! It is even administered as an alternative than strong drugs for sleep disorder patients — which is really awesome!

Melatonin is truly a goldmine when it comes to sleeping help. I plan to write an exhaustive article about melatonin for sleep in which I’ll tell what is the right melatonin dosage and are there any melatonin side effects. I might even might do some melatonin reviews to find out what works best — so stay tuned!



I want to share by far the best natural sleep supplement among all others (that I’ve tried personally and I’ve tried a lot) — magnesium for sleep! Magnesium is a macro mineral found in many forms. Our body can’t produce it but we get it from food (like dairy or meat) or some other forms (salts, oils, etc).

We often concentrate on the mental side of our sleep — how to be calmer, help our brain stop being anxios about every small thing, things like that. But sleeping is more than that — recent study showed that one of the major ways that body helps itself by sleeping is deep muscle relaxation. That’s right — our muscles! I was like — how’s that even relevant to sleep.

After connecting all the dots (mainly that magnesium is a muscle relaxant, and that muscle rest in our sleep correlates with how rested we feel in the mornings) I at last see whats all the fuss is about! I think that topic definetly should be covered in my next post about magnesium sleep benefits. In which I will share the magnesium supplement for sleep that honestly impacted my sleep quality the most!

Intrigued? Then read my personal experience post about how magnesium helped me with sleep leg cramps. There you will find an interesting journey with a pleasant end that specifically shows how natural sleep remedies may solve our unpleasant health issues. This is something special that I want to share with the world! (That is my readers :)))


So that’s that — the list of natural sleep aids that actually work! Of course it’s not possible to go through each and every natural remedy there is. And with a necessary amount of detail. For example, we haven’t even touched the topics like:

  • what kind of tea helps you sleep?
  • vitamins for sleep and anxiety
  • ayurvedic medicine for deep sleep

And many, many, many more…

But I’ve tried to give you the stuff that I’ve used personally. And I hope that these remedies and advices will give you at least as much positive effects, that I’ve experienced. (Best case – you should actually get more out of it!)

I’m always on the lookout for natural sleep products — so I’ll be sure to share anything new and shiny and working that will be on my radar. Stay tuned for more sweet sleep aid info! Cheers!