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Magnesium spray — the best form of magnesium for muscle cramp

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Hi! I want to share a personal story about one sleep problem that I had. Leg cramps. Had anyone had those? I sure did. Moreover, it interfered with my sleep big time.

There is nothing like waking up midnight with a severe muscle pain from a leg cramp. You try to endure it, biting into your bed sheets hoping you don’t wake up your SO with another round of groaning.

Girl holding onto bed sheets

I know there are many people that has the same problem that I did. I hope that after reading this post, you will have the precise knowledge about how to stop leg cramps at night.

Why is it so important that your muscles relax at night

I cannot overestimate the overall damage that night leg cramps (also referred to as nocturnal leg cramps) do to our sleep and our body. Even if you have a very light form of leg cramps that happens rarely.

Leg cramps cause us to involuntary wake up in the middle of the night. This act absolutely sabotages our sleep cycle.

Leg pain

If you are unlucky, you can get a cramp during a REM sleep phase (which is the most important part of our sleep). We do not want to lose our precious REM time! Since it literally has a maximum impact on our feeling fresh in the morning.

Also, let us not forget the damage that leg cramps are doing to our muscles. Even if we take sleeping out of the equation, severe leg cramps are very harmful to muscles.

Many people walk a lot during the day. We want our legs and feet to be 100% fresh and rested. They absolutely require maximum amount of rest to carry our bodies throughout the day doing various activities.

Businessman crossing street

I have myself tried to ignore that night problem for some time. However, as you know that is not the way to do things. After researching the aforementioned dangers that night leg cramps are doing to my body I have decided that it is time to take action.

I wanted to protect my health, physical and mental and embarked on a journey to find the perfect long term solution that would stop this excruciating medical condition.

Possible solutions for night leg cramps

To find out how to deal with the problem, we first must find what the real causes that stand behind it are. In our case, the question was “What causes severe leg cramps at night”? Turns out the major factors that lead to night legs cramps are

  • Lack of movement. If you have an office job, you are more likely to get nocturnal leg cramps.

  • Sitting improperly. Bad sitting posture during a prolong periods of time may leard to problems with nerves and muscle fatigue, which in turn result in nocturnal leg cramps

Office workers sitting

  • Dehydration. Lack of water in your body takes a very serious toll on your muscles. Dehydration slows the rate by which minerals and vitamins travel to muscles. That condition also interferes with muscle nerves functionality and may lead to night cramps

Empty water bottles

  • Pregnancy. Major health processes such as pregnancy can cause hormonal imbalance. Our body reacts to this in many ways. One of those sysptoms are leg cramps which many women have during pregnancy while sleeping.

Pregnant woman

So what are our options? Since there are many causes for nocturnal leg cramps. There is also a variety of solutions that you should try to find out which one works for you.

  • Stretching. Stretching is great in general for your health. It’s the first thing you should try to see if that helps with cramps. You do not have to go full yoga mode. Just some basic stretches for legs, especially calves will suffice

Woman stretching her leg

  • Hydration. Drink more water! If besides leg cramps, you have some additional symptoms like headaches and fatigue, drinking more water may very well be your easy solution!

Kid drinking water

If you are having trouble keeping up with your water drinking schedule and often forget to drink a certain amount (I’m guilty here, I admit) nowadays there are ton of apps that will remind you when and how much to drink in a friendly and convenient manner.

In order for our nerves to function properly, our body requires a certain amount of vitamins and microelements. It is great if you have a balanced diet and get all your vitamins from food but sometimes that is not the case for all of us.

A fast-paced modern way of life forces us to take a shortcut on a good diet. That’s definitely not good.


If we talk about leg cramps, the most important mineral is magnesium. Yes, the deficit of magnesium can lead to many bad stuff, but it’s proven that one of the most widespread magnesium deficiency symptom are cramps.

Why magnesium is so good for our body

Actually if we see the benefits of magnesium there is a long list. I was happy to find out about this because the sheer amount of benefits of magnesium are outstanding. Here are to name a few:

  • Improving Thyroid function. This will definitely help with hormonal balance (And we talked about how good hormonal balance is required to avoid night leg cramps)

Woman with thyroid pain

  • Lower blood sugar. I won’t say that by taking magnesium you have a free ticket to buy all the chocolate and sugar in the world and eat it. Please don’t do that! However if you have problems with sugar levels magnesium can somewhat mitigate that and help

Glucometer showing blood sugar

  • Blood vessels relaxation. High blood pressure is bad. Turns out magnesium can also help with that and lower it. It relaxes blood vessels (Ding ding! That is exactly what we need! As contracted blood vessels may very well lead to muscle cramps)

Blood cells

  • Positive effects on every process in the body. I don’t want to bore you with a thorough list of magnesium benefits for our health. I was pleasantly surprised that there’s a lot of research on this topic. All of the scientific findings are resulting in one simple thought — magnesium positively affects every process in our bodies.

Woman swimming

I hope that I’ve convinced you that magnesium is beneficial for our health. I was so excited! Until I googled what’s best form of magnesium to take. I was overwhelmed with the amount of results that I’ve seen.

There was only one way to move forward — find out which types of magnesium are out there and what the difference between them is.

Best form of magnesium for sleep improvement — get rid of leg cramps

When I researched the numerous amount of magnesium sources that’re out there the only question in my mind was “What’s the best magnesium supplement for leg cramps”.

Hold on. Why do I need to resort to a “supplement” right away? I always start with natural sleep remedies. And there is nothing more natural than food!

Food sources

Magnesium is found in good amounts in nuts and vegetables. These are all great dietary sources which everyone has access too.

Fresh vegetables

I’ve decided to take a test and increase the share of vegetables and nuts in my diet for a week and see if that would help.

After day 4 of my new diet, I’ve had a “whole night” without waking up to leg cramps! Hooray I thought! However next night I had a cramp :( That’s sad I thought!

However the bigger picture was that my condition was somewhat better but not to a 100% . Well, we’re off to a good start!

Magnesium -ates and -ides

I didn’t want to resort to taking magnesium supplements. Nevertheless, if that’s what takes to get rid of those nasty night leg cramps then I’m in. So now, we need to find the best magnesium for sleep. There are quite a few forms of magnesium that’s out there on supplement market.

Here is the so-called list of -ates and -ides so you would have a hint of the sheer amount of magnesium there is:

If you would like you can find out a detailed description of each of those forms. I don’t want to overload you with unnecessary repetition of pros and cons. The most important qualities that you should worry about are these:

  • Bioavailability. That means which part of total magnesium intake actually successfully makes it into your body. In other words - how well your body will absorb magnesium in a certain form. Turns out different forms have different bioavailabilities.

Researchers conclude that the most bioavailable form of magnesium is Magnesium Chloride.

  • The second quality is the way that magnesium supplements are consumed. Almost all magnesium comes in pills, which means that it first has to go through our digestive system.

Let me tell you, as a person that has issues with hers stomach, deciding to go for another pill raises a concern.

Different color pills

Does the benefit of a supplement outweighs the pressure that another foreign substance puts on our digestive system?

I was confused and a little bit disappointed… Until I stumbled upon a brilliant and perfect answer: water magnesium solution! Turns out there’s a much healthier alternative to traditional pill supplements.

Water drop

Moreover, it is really “all pros ZERO cons”! Just think about it — you get the best bioavailable magnesium (Magnesium Chloride that is used in liquid magnesium products) without the additional digestive system burden! That’s really really great in my book!

Let’s step down a bit to our original problem — how to stop leg cramps at night. The faster the better. If we think about it, this issue is a local one.

We are not talking about our body as a whole, instead let’s focus on a specific body part — our legs. What if we somehow could forward all the wonderful benefits that magnesium gives us to a specific “pain” point — our legs.

Legs seen on hammock

And that’s exactly what liquid magnesium very conveniently provides us — we are able to apply it topically! Right where we need it!

That’s it! I’ve mentally checked all the checkboxes and decided to give this a try.

Honestly, there a several products that are out there on the market. I was so lucky that the first one that I’ve picked solved all my problems!

And I want to share my experience with this product with you! I hope that it helps you as much as it helps me! Get ready to have a perfect sleep without leg cramps!

Magnesium spray and why it’s so great

The product that I was referring to is called EASE magnesium. This comes in a spray form which is easy to apply specifically to your legs. Specifically to places that suffer from cramps. (very important!)

Water spray bottle

I want to emphasize that everything that I write here is my own personal experience. Your results may vary of course, since every person’s body is a bit different.

However, I do not see the reason for you not to try this since EASE Magnesium offers a 60 days money back guarantee if you find it unsatisfactory for treating your night leg cramps.

Here are the reasons I absolutely LOVED this supplement:

It made 100% of my leg cramps go away! Good riddance night leg pains! Hello deep healing night rest!

It’s very easy and convenient to use. With pills you always had to think about how many mg of magnesium you have to take. It’s a different story with magnesium spray.

Just apply some magnesium solution on the area of your legs that suffer from cramps!

Magnesium will be transdermally absorbed in no time! You even don’t have to wash it off.

This spray is very gentle on your skin. It doesn’t make any unpleasant and uncomfortable reactions. No itches!

On the contrary, after applying this magnesium spray your skin will feel very relaxed and soft. As a person that is trying to take the best care of my skin, this is quite important.

That’s so convenient that you won’t need to alter your evening routine!

Gentle skin hand

You may think that popping pills also doesn’t take a lot of time. But I want to remind you that:

  1. Pills may hurt your digestive system
  2. Pill form magnesium has poorer bioavailability then it’s liquid counterpart.

Honestly, I don’t want to get into all the details that EASE magnesium has to offer. You will find plenty on the manufacturer website.

I absolutely love this product and would advise this to everyone that thinks about trying magnesium for leg cramps at night.

If you are serious about getting rid of your nightly leg cramps and want to try this product please use this link to try it. That way you will support the author of SleepRemedies blog in hers pursuit of writing about the best sleep remedies there are!

Thanks! I wish the best health for you and your legs 🙂